Bush's Law: The Remaking of American Justice
Bush's Law
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by Eric Lichtblau
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

This was a new style of American justice... President George W. Bush and his generals in this new war at the White House, the Justice Department, and the Pentagon envisioned a wholly new approach to defeating the grave threat of terrorism....

To raise questions about the rules of engagement was tantamount to career suicide for any government official. The casualties littered about Washington were evidence enough of that. The senior administration lawyers who dared to question privately whether the preisdent had the power to wiretap suspects without a court warrant or to authorize interrogation tactics that bordered on torture...

The immigration officials who challenged whether hundreds of illegal immigrants rounded up after 9/11 could be locked up incommunicado for many months as terrorist suspects even though they had no known ties to al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. The FBI agent who thought the bureau was ill-equipped to handled its new mission against al Qaeda...

All of them raised uncomfortable questions, and all did so at their own peril.



The trade paperback edition of Bush’s Law from Random House goes on sale May 5, 2009 complete with an expanded epilogue.
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"All The President's Men for an age of terror."

Jeffrey Rosen
The New York Times

"...another must-read for those curious about the back story in the legal war on terror ...a riveting account of the Bush administration's various steps and missteps in chasing down terrorists."

Dahlia Lithwick

"It’s Stephen King country, a collection of horror stories every bit as mouth-drying and finger-curling as Kathy Bates’s taking the lumber to James Caan in 'Misery.'”

Jeff Stein
The New York Times
Sunday Book Review

"A terrific read... a super, super book."

Lou Dobbs
Host of Lou Dobbs
on CNN

"A sobering, saddening but altogether excellent book of legal reportage"

Kirkus (starred review)
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